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Latest update is out:

Please keep your requests and bug reports to these repositories so they don’t get buried in this thread.

Still using that old screenshot after all these years for branding.

Has NWVar2 been changed to the default yet? Haven’t seem a post about it for a while.

We’ve got some experimental Chromium Embedded Framework support on the dev branch atm. You can either use the ‘Chromium’ VGUI panel or run with the ‘-chromium’ start-up parameter to override the Awesomium/HTML panels.

It’s only on Windows but it’ll be in Linux builds too soon-ish. We’ll see what happens when I get around to OSX.

Pretty much everything is compatible except JS->Lua function bindings are no longer blocking and won’t return values. My stance on this is that return values for these functions aren’t supported at all, since they were never documented.

Feel free to report any other incompatibilities or bugs here.


shit i was about to turn this thread into a complain about awesomium replacement thread.

oh well

I was fixing on going on yet another nerd rampage to improve my own ghetto solutions, but I’m glad willox has decided to be a benevolent god.

People in the comments on really show what true appreciation is.

my favorite so far

I’ve been testing CEF browser in different pages, applying textures in game and simple stuff like that
Everything works great!




oh shit what do we complain about now

The madman

I’m fairly uninformed when it comes to UI stuff. What’s the benefits of CEF over Awesominium?

Awesomium is like 10 years old. In web-years that’s like the difference between a teenager and an 80-year old. It also eats framerate without even being in use.

I’m not going in to the details on the differences between the version of Chromium used by both, but the new panels perform much better than the old ones and shouldn’t cause any freezes when communicating with other threads. Also, text will look nicer on transparent panels because sub-pixel anti-aliasing isn’t forced on.

BTW: Anybody who wants Adobe Flash Player to work with the CEF panels will need to install the PPAPI version rather than the NPAPI verion.


Holy shit.

I love you Willox <3

I greatly appreciate the update Willox! thank you very much and the whole team for your hard work :slight_smile:

About the server browser and/or the fake servers as like as was done about weekly in the last thread.
It was like 50+ new post over night and if the first new post was about the server browser, you could just mark the rest as read.

I had a quick test of all video formats and streaming mechanisms supported by CEF. They are as follows:

WebM (VP8, Vorbis) - Tested
WebM (VP9, Vorbis) - Tested
Ogg (Theora, Vorbis) - Tested

RTMP(S/T)/HDS (PPAPI Flash Player) - Tested RTMP
MPEG-DASH - Claimed with support for MediaSource in JavaScript
HTTP(s) - Tested

MP4 (AVC, AAC) - Tested

RTMP(S/T)/HDS (NPAPI/ActiveX Flash Player) - Tested
HLS - Tested

All audio files, haven’t had chance to test

It’s worth noting that installing Chrome alone is not enough to make the PPAPI version of Flash work. You need to install the version supplied by Adobe on their website.