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Yeah we need that furry ASS

I hate this because there’s no way to disable it. Some addons have a convar for it which is fine but otherwise there’s no way to disable client download without extracting and editing the addon (which isn’t exactly ideal). Some servers prefer to be content-light and have players get the addons only if they choose to.

I’ve never understood this mindset. Sure the player gets into the server faster but is an model and material error laden clusterfuck of a map the way you want your players to first experience your server until you install a bundle of addons? I certainly don’t appreciate being told I need to go and sub to a million addons, just for a single server.

But the point is nobody tells you that you “need” to sub to a million addons. It’s your choice of whether to sub to them or not, and it gives players the option to discriminate what they do and don’t download. better than having a clusterfuck of addons forced onto your system.

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For example, I only force my clients to download 2 workshop items: Buu’s CS:GO pack for the models and the current map we’re on, if a workshop download is available. But I also have things like wiremod, and some extra vehicles that aren’t really all that important and thus I leave it up to the player whether they want these things or not.
So if they go back and subscribe to them, they can come to the server later and join it just as speedily as before. Or if I just force them to download all the crap using resource.AddWorkshop on everything then it will take them years to join every time.

So, with the whole workshop thing.

for i = 1, 8480 do
    steamworks.GetList( "", {}, (i-1) * 50, 50, 1, 0, function( data )  for _,id in pairs(data.results) do steamworks.Subscribe( id ) end end )

[sp] Oh thank fuck it can only be ran at menu, I thought this was client side and I was so worried, imagine if server owners could call this on people… [/sp]

Holy shit, I could of used this ages ago.

concommand.Add("UnsubscribeAll", function()
    for k,v in pairs(engine.GetAddons()) do
        steamworks.Unsubscribe( v.wsid )

All I needed was that small code in the mainmenu init function ;_;


So I tested it and crashed my steam, thank god I changed the for loop too 1, 100.

My subscribed items… 15624.

Edit 2:

Fuck I broke my Garry’s Mod.

Edit 3:

Redownloaded Garrys Mod, no workshop addons work in GMod, and I have a 9GB download of workshop addons now.

Edit 4:

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk the unsubscribe all only works if you have them installed so I gotta either download 9GB using my shitty aussy internet or I gotta unsub 15k addons manually.

Edit 5:

It’s 76GB now

When is this happening?

Make a javascript that targets<yourid>/myworkshopfiles/?browsesort=mysubscriptions&browsefilter=mysubscriptions&p=1


I bet somebody here can help you.

Try the link/javascript posted on this thread, it seems to work.

Can we please get PlayerDeath client side?

gameevent.Listen(“entity_killed”) is called no matter what if someone dies iirc

That’s not that bad…Look at your download speed :suicide:

Anybody else have their subscriptions reset? Because mine just reset today for no reason.

I verified my game’s cache files and it seemed to fix it.

For me too. Is it related to the guy who is downloading like the whole workshop by accident or something?

I don’t know, but Valve are not going to be happy about it.

Well in that case calling the hook should be a cinch.

gameevent.Listen( "entity_killed" )
hook.Add( "entity_killed", "cs_playerdeath", function( data ) 

	local att = Entity( data.entindex_attacker )
	local vict = Entity( data.entindex_killed )
	local infl = Entity( data.entindex_inflictor )

	hook.Run( "PlayerDeath", vict, infl, att )

end )

goes in any clientside file.

I fucked up.

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I wish mine would reset.
Gotta download 76GB and counting.

Unsubscribe all on Garry’s mod only works for installed addons
And unsubscribe all using js only does page at a time, so I gotta manually go through 500 pages and run the js, yes, I set it to 30 items a page :suicide:
I’m having fun though, making a fun client side script. Its done, I’m just adding bonus things now.

Why the fuck you would you even have 15,000 addons subscribed… and then most likely over a thousand of them are saves/dupes :pwn: