Next Valley Animal Population?

Will this ever be corrected/fixed, or is this actually what the devs currently want? I haven’t heard much about it (other than when they were zombie animals), and though it creates hilarious situations in which you spawn in for the first time on the server and die instantly to 4-5 bears, and another 5-6 wolves, it’s extremely irritating sometimes.

Yeah, definitely way too many hostile animals.

It’s ruined my resource run, as next valley was the start and finish to my day’s gathering. Even if it didn’t effect my old routine it is over board.
20-30 animals spawn in this small area, they really only spawn closer to the road and the lower end of next valley.

That used to be my favorite valley to build in but they’ve ruined it with those animals. Not sure why they keep adding more and more hostile animals to the map when nobody likes them.