Next Version: Locked Backpacks Concern.

I like the idea of having Locked backpacks so nakeds won’t be able to free loot corpses during a real fight, however the lock-picks should be easily accessible and craft-able. I also notice the part on Trello where it says, “a lock-pick item can be used to bypass this delay” is not done yet, I would hate to have the lock feature in the game this next patch WITHOUT having the lock picks already done and included. Being full loot is what makes the game really enjoyable for many, just wanted to toss this out there.

Don’t worry, the same people who kos you for no reason will be perfectly happy to camp your backpack and kill you repeatedly until it unlocks. Nothing much will change.

Worst idea yet hope there is a server option to disable this feature!

The murderer disapproves of the thief?

There is a saying that possession is nine-tenths of the law. In Rust, possession is ten-tenths of the law.

I’m not sure what the dev’s are trying to accomplish with this game mechanic. What exactly is the problem they are trying to fix?

I would guess they’ll be preventing weapon zerging. If it takes a moment to lock pick a bag, random people won’t be able to zerg the same bag, grab a gun and start shooting. Very nearly every large group vs group fight devolves to respawn at sleeping bag, bum rush the “safest” bag and loot a gun and resume the fight. If you can’t just loot any bag, this’ll prevent that kind of zerg tactic significantly.

I doubt that’s the specific purpose, but that’s what immediately came to mind from my recent experiences.

I feel like the timer should be shorter…5-10 is long enough that if you die close enough to the base grab some gear and shotgun them in the back.

Where did you guys find these update notes or speculations or whatever they are? Lol.

Most of the things can be found there. And you can help by signing up and voting on card you like.

Thank you. :stuck_out_tongue:
Did the Rust people create that?


I dont understand the meaning of this. Locked backpack? Why? Maybe for the noob servers?
Isnt killing and immediatly looting the backpack a whole point? Why disable that?

**Example: **You come across kelvar guy who is always killing you and you hate him.
This time you ambush him when he is returning to his home, and kill him with a simple revolver, or maybe even with bow you just crafted.
How good it feels when looting all his precious C4, M4, kevlar set. Payback time! Now you run away and laugh all the way to your home.

After this patch you have to wait on his corpse 5 minutes, and deal with everybody who tries to come there + deal with the guy who has 5 minutes to gear up again and come back to his corpse. This time you dont have the upper hand with your little revolver/bow anymore and he kills you. Bad guy wins again.

Example 2: Its dark evening. You fresh spawn and there is a huge fire fight just next to you. 5vs5 kelvar guys killing each other bodies everywhere. You see your change and run to closest backpack. JACKPOT! Full set of kevlar, M4 etc. Loot everything and dissapear in to the night. Nobody sees you. Adrenaline rushes in your veins.

After this patch, no way this can happen.

Isnt all the random events, being thief, managing to kill kevlar guy wth rock + loot him etc etc etc, a part of this game in a first place?

I’m also a bit unsure of this new feature - I mean locked chests and pickpocket able chests are okay - But Backpacks? Really? Rust is a dangerous world already, and being forced to defend a bag that could quite possibly be in an open field for 5 minutes is practically suicide.

Edit As an afterthought, this seems to favour the ‘rich’ more so than the ‘noobs’ anyway. All people are going to do is gear back up with a spare set and charge back in to reclaim their bag. Either during the 5-10 minute window or snipe them as they flee.

This sounds like a really bad feature… basically giving more power to kevlar + M4 guys and making naked guys even weaker…

Although it’d make looting Naked guys rather useless. There’s a chance they have absolutely nothing, or they are filled with lots of juicy Ore. Deciding on whether it’s worth sticking around or not is going to be a tough one.

I dont like idea for locked backpack, can lock wood boxes, doors but backpack… nahhhh we need stop them to do this update

Being able to lockpick doors would be an insanely stupid idea. It would be realistic and ‘make sense’ - But ridiculously overpowered… Keep to making doors only C4’able thanks.

The big thing that bothers me is this system when raiding.

Even if you split the c4 for carrying, if you raid a defended base (read: have balls) someone will die, now with system, you can’t run and grab the c4 off a dead partner and keep pushing onward. This will in turn lead to even more AFK base raiding…which sucks balls.

Completely agree, I just noticed also the lock-picks on Trello under the card are now finished. Just have to hope they are super easy to get and craft-able.

Not sure how I feel about it either but I’m willing to give it a chance before I judge.

This option to me sounds more fair.

Killer kills victim. The backpack can be looted freely by the killer or the victim. Anyone else needs the lockpick or wait.