Next Version

Lets talk a bit about the next version that is upkomming

thats what trello says and as far as we know
lets discuss like friends :3

Dont know what to expect/react of the locked backpacks.
Could be very intressting or it could be annoying as s… (you know:words:)

yeah ur right, i think it has it pros and cons :confused:
imagine the naked guy who is able to kill a kevlar… he will be punished

but thats difficult to tell for me :confused:

Well, I’m excited to see how zombies are getting removed and how you get all the Blueprints and Gear now.

To the locked backpacks, there was a good thread some time ago with good points against locked backpacks, which will only hurt the poor players that can’t afford to create the lockpicks. I’m not sure what to think about this.

What this will mainly prevent is quick weapon grabbing in large firefights where people get killed then run back grab a hold of the first gun they get and start shooting. Now, it will be more along the lines of you win the battle and you have to worry less about naked guys running up and grabbing a gun. I like it thb. There is only one issue I see right now. Lets say you kill a guy so chances are his base is no more than 5 mins away, the loot doesnt unlock for I think 10 mins so but the time he comes back you will have to kill him again in order to grab the first loot. They should reduce the time and tweak it to an optimal amount which will come from people experience. Overall a good and wanted change thought. I’m glad.

Yeah thats what worry’s me, killing a guy what was really hard. Then he comes back again with Kevlar and M4. Now you have to fight him again.
So if you win you can finally grap his first backpack but his second is lying there to grap for him to come back…

i personally are also worryd about the Zomby part, well as i buyed the game i already knowed about zombys will removed and to be honest i dont care if its an NPC Zomby or an NPC Mutant, or even NPC native tribe, im more worried about how to get sweet goodies :confused:

killing a wolf and getting beans? xD dont know if that is so cool

but i can agree with @MrQuacka that im exited to see how devs make it, and i cant wait to make experiments with … uhmmm whatever there is haha :smiley:

and the AI thing looks nice to me, if i understand it right the animals behavior is now a bit more realistic, thats good or?

I think what they mean with AI is that they wil react on gunshots. so if you shoot with allot of animals around you they all run away exept for just the one your shooting on.

Thats my guess

On the other hand the Zombies… Well im glad they are gone (they were good for hunting stuff blueprints and so on) But zombies were way to easy if you had a good gun.
So you would get a lot of good blueprints, metal walls, guns if you have a good hunting weapon

i would love to see more ducks as well in the game

that would be soooo cool ___