Nextbot animation problem (zombines and custom animations)

I’m trying to make a zombie SNPC which uses nextbot as the base, but when I try to define its running animation, for some reason it does not like to use custom animations or episodic content animations.
The model I have uses zombine animations which play properly in game with an animation tool, and in the model viewer. The animation tool for Gmod was used to double check if the animation could actually play in Gmod and was part of the model.

Specifically, I’m having problems playing any sequence animations from episode 2 such as (ACT_ZOMBINE_GRENADE_WALK). Oddly though, this SNPC has no problems when I replace the animation with something common like (ACT_WALK).

This is the error I get in the console when the zombine grenade walk animation fails to play:

[ERROR] addons/nextbot_uca_zombies/lua/entities/npc_ucazombie_suicide/shared.lua:465: bad argument #1 to 'StartActivity' (number expected, got string)
  1. StartActivity - [C]:-1
   2. unknown - addons/nextbot_uca_zombies/lua/entities/npc_ucazombie_suicide/shared.lua:465

Also here is the bit of code I have used to define the SNPC’s walk animation:

//further down in the code this is where it is called
self:StartActivity( self.WalkAnim )

I have a feeling that nextbot doesn’t seem to like these animations because they don’t seem to be defined in the list of ACT enumerations found here:

Does anyone know if it’s possible to even use custom animations with nextbot which are not already defined by half life 2 or gmod? Some other models I want to use have custom sequence names which don’t match up to anything on the previous list mentioned earlier.

You must put a number into that function, not a string.

If the act is not defined and it is part of default models ( or from mountable games ), ask for it to be defined on github.
If it is a custom model, use already existing ACT enums in your .qc file.

My bad, earlier I also tried it without the quotation marks and it wasn’t working. One of my friends has the qc file so I’ll have to get the numbers from him. If I just enter the numbers from the file should it work? Normally entering the text based on the ACT enums doesn’t seem to work, so maybe I’ll try using a number. Every time the game does does that, it seems to just return a value of -1 or something.

Also where on github specifically would I ask for the zombine animations to be defined? Sorry I’m kind of new at this.

No. Tell him to use one of existing ACT enumerations. You can find the list on the wiki.

Ok so I guess that means we’ll have to recompile the models and change the animation sequences to existing enumerations? Also thanks for the help.

Not changing this to solved yet because we need to edit the models first and see how it goes from there.

Edit: Ok recompiling and changing the animation names/enums worked.