NextBot animations

I’m trying to build a NextBot zombie and I’ve got most of the bits figured out, but I’m having issues with animations.

I use I’ve tried using self:StartActivity( ACT_IDLE ) to get an idle sway animation to play, but it doesn’t seem to do anything. Setting it to ACT_RUN gives me a zombie that seems to be doing some sort of fast shuffle dance. Because they’ve not worked I’ve resorted to self:PlaySequenceAndWait( “Idle01” ), but the animation seems to pause for a frame each iteration, which looks rubbish.

I’ve also tested this with the civilian model, but that seems to work okay, its just the zombie model I’m having issues with.

Would anyone know how to get a fluid looping animation, or get the StartActivity animation to work?

Look through the HL2 act enumerations and see if you find another.


Ah man, I could kiss you right now, this is exactly what I was after!

The actual enumeration I needed was ACT_HL2MP_IDLE_ZOMBIE, I have no idea why I didn’t search the list for zombie specific act enumerations.