Nextbot Bugging out on certain terrain.

Hello Everyone!
I noticed that in cs_office, when I stand on a snowmound, my bot stops chasing me, turns around and glitches out running in a wierd direction. All I can think of is that the NavMesh of the snow, and the bot don’t play nice. Any workarounds for this.
I’m sure I can make one, but you all clearly have more lua experience, and probably have a less hacky way of doing it.


Also, crouch-jumping is the bane of my bot’s existence. It couldn’t crouch jump to save it’s life. Literally. Any Pastebins or Git Gists you can recommend?

It’s either badly made navmesh or your movement/ai code just sucks.

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Also Nextbots can’t crouch or crouch jump

The navmeshes were also made by Valve just for the record.
How can I make the code better? I have an idea.
Do you know how to make a looping check timer. I have tried over and over, and it still makes errors.
Like every 1 second check if the bot has moved say atleast 5 units in x or z. (Idle checker?)
I can then have it switch from the nextbot nav to my backup nav code. Examples?

Primary nav code = Crap
Secondary nav code = Nextbot

If nextbot & not moving, then switch to primary. Just a thought bubble. I also need it to work vice versa. Basically just, do you know a good timer tutorial?

Also, on the crouch jumping. I can get the bot to jump, and get it to crouch, but not quick enough for it to work. You can use cmd:SetButtons(IN_JUMP) or IN_DUCK!

You can’t use valve navmeshes because they will crash the game.

I’m talking about the .nav files that are distributed with the CS:S maps for CS:S servers. From valve. Like cs_office.bsp & cs_office.nav.
Do you still have a timer example. I hate timers.

Weirdly enough CSS navmeshes do not crash GMod, and my nextbot works properly on the entire map, so it’s your movement code that sucks.

If you want to use a timer, just use a timer using variables, NOT the timer library.

Do you have suggestions for better movement code?