Nextbot following certain path?

Is it possible for a nextbot to walk/run a certain path on the map? If so how could I go about doing it?

Tell it to go to specific waypoints along the path one after the other?

Ok but how? Is there any wiki links to look at? Examples?

you could create a small functionless entity that you can spawn in that acts as a waypoint. Have your bot scan for the entity, and have it find the closest one, then have it MoveToPos() to the closest; once it reaches the first waypoint, have it move to the next closest, etc.

Put the waypoint entities in a path you want, and let your bot run.

just throwing ideas out, so if anyone has a better idea…

If he already has the position to put the entities on, why would he need to use the entities in the first place if he could just use MoveToPos?

well if he didn’t know the exact positions ahead of time, spawning an entity with the tool gun would be somewhat less tedious than finding the exact coordinates, and putting them into a table or whatever.

Fuck these people. In the ENT:Behaviour put:

–For walking
self.loco:SetDesiredSpeed( 70 )
self:StartActivity( ACT_WALK )
self:MoveToPos( Vector(VECTOR HERE) )

–For running
self.loco:SetDesiredSpeed( 180 )
self:StartActivity( ACT_RUN )
self:MoveToPos( Vector(VECTOR HERE) )

The behaviour resets so it’ll start from the top. So he’ll just return to the first vector.

Yeah. I already got everything done. Thanks though.