Nextbot, how to make them navigate around props?

Hi everyone, i’m fiddling about with nexbots but can’t seem to make them navigate around spawned props?
Is there anyone who has found a solution to this, if so can you point me in the right direction?
Also is it possible to make them climb ladders and jump?

Do nextbots have ontouch function? Maybe try using that, change the velocity one touching in object.

The simple answers are impossible and no.

Depending on your use case, you might have your nextbots climb or bash props out of the way, you can use a trace in the BehaveUpdate to detect these cases (There’s no easy way I know of to have them repath around props though).

Ladders are a pain to set up, and I’ve never got them working, but supposedly all you need are ladder nodes in the navmesh.

I have already tried using traces and did not come up with anything usefull

Idk how efficient this would be and I really have no idea how nextbots works but I guess we could perform a hull trace to see if we hit a prop and modify our movement based on its bounds.