NextBot Mob of the Dead Zombies

These are the mob of the dead zombies from the uprising dlc from COD.
The models are from here:


  • Alert System, for example: If a zombie dies and there are nearby zombies their detection range will increase greatly.
    Sometimes a zombie will roar when they have found an enemy and roaring will increase the detection range of other
    nearby zombies greatly. If you injure a zombie that zombie’s detection range will increase.

  • Barbed wire damage, for example: standing very close to a zombie will scratch you, dealing a small amount of damage.

  • Since they’re nextbots they have good performance fps wise.

  • 5 models each with 3 different bodygroups.

  • Attacking while moving

  • Flinching

  • Jumping off certain ledges for a shortcut to the player

  • Attacking doors

  • Attacking props

  • 4 different walking animations

  • 8 attacking animations

  • Basic sounds such as idle sounds, attacking sounds, death sounds, etc.

  • Cool spawn icons

NOTE: Nextbots require a nav mesh in order to work, most maps don’t have a nav mesh so you can generate one by typing into
the console: “nav_quicksave 1” then “nav_generate” depending on how large and complex the map is this could take a while.


  • DrVrej: Customizable options code
  • Half-Dead: zombie models
  • Treyarch: Nazi zombie sounds and models