[NextBot] navmesh problem

Working on the navmesh of the map, and I can’t seem to get this path to work

The bot just gets stuck there, while it should easily be able to pass. Garry’s test NPC gets stuck as well (so its unlikely that its my bot specifically)

Other open spots with the same width & height work just fine.
The only nextbot that were able to flawlessy pass it was these ones http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=380225333

Does anyone know why this specific place doesn’t work properly? Is there any code I’ll need to add to the bot?

It’s not really a problem with the navmesh, even though I’d recommend leaving some space between the edge of the nav mesh and every wall.

Solved it, forgot to set the collision bounds.

For anyone in the future having this problem:
self:SetCollisionBounds( Vector(-12,-12, 0), Vector(12, 12, 64) )
^These bounds work well for average model sizes.