NextBot Nazi Zombies

These are nextbot nazi zombies that use half-dead’s nazi zombie models that are recompiled with player model animations since nextbots can use those animations.


  • Alert System, for example: If a zombie dies and there are nearby zombies their detection range will increase greatly.
    Sometimes a zombie will roar when they have found an enemy and roaring will increase the detection range of other
    nearby zombies greatly. If you injure a zombie that zombie’s detection range will increase.

  • Since they’re nextbots they have good performance fps wise.

  • Attacking while moving

  • Flinching

  • Jumping off certain ledges for a shortcut to the player

  • Attacking doors

  • Attacking props

  • 4 different walking animations

  • 8 attacking animations

  • Basic sounds such as idle sounds, attacking sounds, death sounds, etc.

  • Cool spawn icons

NOTE: Nextbots require a nav mesh in order to work, most maps don’t have a nav mesh so you can generate one by typing into
the console: “nav_quicksave 1” then “nav_generate” depending on how large and complex the map is this could take a while.


  • DrVrej: Customizable options code
  • Half-Dead: Nazi zombie models
  • Treyarch: Nazi zombie sounds





Video: [video=UdX9ZI4_QyY][/video]


Any feedback?

This looks pretty cool. I think some players (depending on what they do) could find this very useful. Nice job.

You can post screenshots using the thumbnail tags [t]
Looks pretty damn promising!

Thanks dude, where did you find that out? I’m pretty new to facepunch.

Just follow all the documented and undocumented rules from the trigger happy moderators and you’ll probably fit right in!