Nextbot Opening door

Im having trouble with my nextbot and it wont open doors heres the code

function ENT:Use( func_door_rotating, ent )
if self.InteractionRange == func_door_rotating then

ENT:Use is a hook called when YOU “+use” the nextbot.

For your idea to work, you will have to do a trace from the bot to the door in his path and then fire Open input on the door.

then what should I use

I would do the trace in a think hook (I would have suggest the onstuck hook, but I don’t know when it’s called, I’ll need another dev to elaborate on that).

how do I use the trace hook

There is no trace hook?



ok but how do I make the open the door

You fire the input that opens it. The input would be “Open”


thx for helping me Ive been looking to solve this forever

For more information on inputs, the valve website is the place to go.

nvm the nextbot wont open the door it just freezes in the door

Can you post your code? And are you getting any errors?

function ENT:Think()
local ents = ents.FindInSphere(self:GetPos(), 25)
for k,v in pairs(ents) do
if v:GetClass() == “func_door_rotating” then

no errors

My friend sean sent me the for in pairs do version

hook.Add( “Think”, “BlahThinking”, function()
for k,_ in pairs( player.GetAll() ) do
local ents = ents.FindInSphere(_:GetPos(), 100)
for k,v in pairs(ents) do
if v:GetClass() == “prop_door_rotating” then


Tested this on a half life map (changed the name of the entity to work with the entities in that map), and didn’t have a problem.

when I get close to a door it opens

I modified it to work on a player instead of a Nextbot because you didn’t post your entire code, but this is a proof of concept that it works.

You could also try this, v:Fire("OpenAwayFrom "…_)

So that the door doesn’t swing into the Bot.

Wow, now that is useful!

I didn’t want to post that cause it seemed out of place, but I completely agree, I had no idea there was such an input. I guess when helping someone, both people can learn something :eng101:

what do I put after the … do I put self or what