NEXTBOT Physics Hull Problems

I’m seeing props pass right through NEXTBOTs… I’ve looked at all the examples I could find and none of them seem to have proper collisions.

It does block player movement correctly.

ENT.Base             = "base_nextbot"
ENT.Spawnable        = true

function ENT:Initialize()
	self:SetModel( "models/mossman.mdl" );
	--self:SetCollisionBounds( Vector(-4,-4,0), Vector(4,4,64) )  -- Tried both of these with no luck

Is this even possible without creating a separate hull entity?

self:PhysicsInitShadow(true, false)

At the end of initialize.

Format is boolean linearmovement, boolean angularmovement.

Works, thanks! This should probably be somewhere in the NEXTBOT docs.