Nextbot Sequence Problems

I am trying to make a model reload using nextbot & sequences, I can get it to reload but the posture and angles of the model gets all messed up.

Reloading (left), Normal (right)[/thumb] [thumb]

There are 2 problems.
1st: When I play the reload animation the model will not face the target.
2nd: The posture of the model gets messed up and looks stupid (he stands up straight to reload).

I’ve tried using ACT_RELOAD but that causes a T-pos.

To play the reload animation I am using the following.

self:PlaySequenceAndWait( “walk_reload_m4_seq” )


Look at the model in model viewer and find the activity for it and use: self:RestartGesture( act )

That should do what you want.

I just tried using :RestartGesture and I am getting the same results as when I used :StartActivity.

As much as I hate to bump threads, I’ve found it’s not the problem with my sequence or ACT_ but how I am applying it.

Does anyone know?

Gestures and postures are kinda impossible to play, they are somewhat broken. Calling StartActivity will reset any animations you are playing if I correctly understand what it does.