Nextbot template(s ?


I’m searching for Nextbot template(s)… for a simple standard enemy.
I have a model with own animations (walk, run, attack1, attack2 and so on), but I am not good at scripting.
I tried it and some things works, but some things are too complex for me…
My question is, is there somewhere a template(s) for a standard enemy (with custom animations)?

(sorry for my english)

“TF2 Ghost” under NPCs/TF2, or Simple Nextbot under NPCs/NextBot if you’re on dev, serves as the template for 90% of all NextBots I’ve seen.

I’ll also list some readily available NextBots on Workshoo:
Obesity Man

Uh, actually that’s all I can think of

There’s also a good tutorial on the wiki.

I got a few nextbots in here you could use. The ones you’re looking for start with snpc_

There’s also a huge NextBot thread, it has quite a few examples: