NextBots and Vehicles

Hey there,

I’m trying to get NextBots to drive around.

What I tried already:

  1. Searching the wiki and internet, nothing found.
  2. Tried to parent vehicle to nextbot, disabling collisions between them, let the NextBot “walk” around. Didn’t work, the loco doesn’t realize they shouldn’t collide.

Any ideas?
Or is this not possible at all?


It should be possible but is VERY tricky.

  1. Make sure Lua scripts detect a nextbot in a vehicle ( That also means your nextbot should have most or all player functions )
  2. Use Inputs to move the vehicle.
  1. You mean like detouring GetDriver on vehicle? And like GetVehicle/InVehicle on Player?
  2. How would I do that exactly?

Thanks for your quick response.

  1. I don’t really know. The point of this is to make sure the player can’t get into a vehicle that a nextbot drives
  2. See how wiremod did the pod controller. You can check source code on github.

I’m not sure what I’m supposed to find there…
And not sure what you mean by using inputs either ^^ :eng101:

The I guess it’s time you learn basic entity I/O? And perhaps learn how to read code?