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A little intro
To begin, i’d like to tell you people this; I know there are already too much, or alot RP gamemodes in Garry’s Mod so i should quit working at it, but a message to these fucktards; I won’t.
I want to put my work in it, and i’m going to, also, comments with shit will be ignored.
NextRP will be a roleplaying game with features which another Roleplaying mod have never seen.
It’ll be exactly like any other RP, ofcourse, but i’m not going to use standard SWeps from Garry’s Mod, i’m going to use SWeps made on my own, even the Cars will be made by me.
I believe in this project, and i’d like to ask everybody who can map, script or maybe just test for some little help.
All shit will be deleted from this topic, if i’ve got a team, and it will be up-to-date with information, pics, and more.

The server will run 64 slots on a custom map ‘nxt_city_build001’, which isn’t done yet.

Well, i’d like to give more information, but for now, i’ve got none.

So again, if there are people who’d like to help me, PM.
And oh yes, bitches who’d like to comment about my joining date; YES, i’m new and YES i’ve signed up to promote/ask for help for this project, so trolling on this topic will not bring you any further.
Yes, i’m optimistic, but i believe in it.


stop making fucfking R PEE PEE GAYMODES

Again, like i’ve expected; the first shitty post.
This isn’t any ‘pee pee’ gaymode, however there will be a RDM detection.
I like to hear your vote, but this is again; shit.


Okay then.

Hehe sorry, couldn’t let it :stuck_out_tongue:

Ohai guyz im maeking my new super rp servir, join plz!

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Dumb x 1

good luck with the project, hope to see this soon

shhh little troll. Go back to the lua scripting catagory


Hmm… People may laugh loud about this, but i’m very serious.
If you don’t like RP, then just fuck off?
I’d like to make my own gamemode, and i want to make it RP, clear.

Whatever, back on topic? So, people who’d like to help?


You spend all your post bickering about how people tell you to stop trying to do RP gamemodes, four paragraphs of it, while all we know about your script is that it has SWEPs and cars.

Yes, do you know why? Because i’m not finished yet. What can i say more? ‘YOU CAN WALK ARROUND, COOL HUH?’ Exactly. Like i’ve noticed before; Screenshots will be posted if i’ve got a team.

So you haven’t done anything and you don’t know what it’s going to have.

ITT: Ideas Guy

Cool. Care to share what these features are?

Can I hope that this gamemode will bring back actual role-playing and not be a mockery of it’s own genre’s name?

I say good luck, because those type of gamemodes have an infamous history. Please share progress with it. I will also beta test if you wish :smiley:

Just an info, what do you do in your “team”?

Well duh, he doesn’t actually DO anything, he’s a team leader, not made to do the work, just give ideas.

Time for an analysis.

So far, not terrible. When titling a section, you could do a better job. Adding spaces would probably help.

Your introduction is terrible. You start with a threat. Is that really how you plan to gather a team? In addition, your grammar is horrible. If you plan to look intelligent (which is almost a must if you plan to get some help) you should at least type like one who is competent. If there is any plus gathered from this, you have some spirit. I’m not sure how long this will last when you realize making a game-mode is much harder than you think but I suppose it’s better than starting out negative.

You finally state your game-mode name after providing a threat to the users. How can one recover? By contradicting themselves apparently! You can’t have features never seen and be exactly like any other RP. Here’s a quick tip: Many game-modes have their own weapons and cars. So far you have provided nothing groundbreaking or even remotely unique. You say that the weapons and cars will be made by you but I’m questioning whether you have any ability based on the fact that you jumped headlong into facepunch asking for a team.

I certainly hope you would believe in the project you just started. The next part, though, is where you started digging your own grave. People usually ask for help once they have presented all they can offer. You have presented nothing and now are asking for everything to be covered. People don’t like being used (most people) and something tells me this case will be the same. At this point, seeing as you haven’t shown any worth yet, updating the thread is the least you would be able to do for the team.

A 64 slot server is a bit large for an up-and-coming game-mode that may or may not even succeed. In addition, you once again show nothing when bringing up additional content. Is the map not done yet or is it not started yet?

You have no information on a game-mode you want to start. Really? Really? Really?

You want to start a game-mode with no plans, features, maps, or ideas. What makes you any different from the countless other people who came in with their ridiculous ideas? Oh, I know. They had ideas.

I’d like to let you know that you are being insulted not for joining, but for promoting practically nothing. I don’t care that you just joined. Everybody has to join some time. You joined, though, by trying to start a project with nothing planned.

Your final comment is completely unnecessary. Of course you would believe in it if you were optimistic. It’s like saying, “I’m Religious, but I believe there is a higher power.”

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