Nexus 3 - Every Weapon is unholstered

Basically, what the title says. I RP on a L4D server and everything appears unholstered (Fists, key swep, weapons) and the only way I can tell if the weapon is really out is by button mashing the ironsight button until it works.
I’ve backed up my lua file and removed it, and that didn’t work. I don’t believe it’s my addons either. I’d rather not have to reinstall gmod though, maybe as a last resort.
One thing to note is I have Open Aura installed as well as Nexus 3, so is that possibly causing a problem? Some people say no, others question it.

That’s probably why, considering it’s the same shit with a different title.

It happened with my server until I removed nexus.

Well I’ve got it sorted out. A friend of mine explained the unholstered glitched is caused by certain things with custom headbob, and it was pointed in my direction that Customizable Weaponry was the problem. So now I’m okay.