Nexus Console Error (I Think)

Ok, so when I start up my server everything starts like it should. But then I see an error in the console. The console then proceeds to spam me saying something about a hl2 prop error or something. And then the server stops booting up. But, of course when I run darkrp everything seems to start up just the same, except I dont get the error. I still get the texture error, but not this one:

[StringCmd] Failed
[Tick] Failed
[ClientInfo] Failed

All of my sql stuff is correct. I am also running hl2rp. (Please dont bitch.) I do not use any addons except for titan and realcs, which both come with nexus. Any help you can give is most appreciated. Thanks.

Edit: I also tried reinstalling the server. That did not help.

nexus is broken lol

Really? What happened to it? And how long has it been broke? Because I was running my server a few weeks ago… Im not saying your lying. Its just, I never knew this. Or maybe your mistaken, I dont know.

it broke with the last update

Oh… Well, still if anyone can figure out a solution to this problem that would be cool. Because this has been going on longer than the last update.

How did it break? Last time I checked it was fine. Other servers are running it perfectly.

Thats what I thought too hosnestly.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Nexus isn’t broke, just some servers won’t start properly that run it, including mine.

Hmm… I dont know. Do you get the same error I do?

Yes, but that didn’t stop my server from working. Did you remove the gamedescription module?

Umm… No. Should I do that?

I deleted it, but still doesn’t work. got any suggestions, my friend?

Not to get off topic. But hows heidisql working for you? Is your server working?

HeidiSQL is working, thanks, now im just having this hl2rp problem ):

Wait… Your having the same problem I am? If not add me on steam and I can help you with whatever else it might be. (So long as it isnt a console error.)

Edit: My steam name is Barack Obama. If anyone knows how to fix this, please add me or post your solution in this thread. Much appreciated.

Sorry for double post. But I really need an answer if someone has one.