Nexus gamemod, Testing the scheme...

I have a problem,Okay,
At the beggining I have made a new nexus scheme.
I tryed to test it on “Create Multiplayer” But it said “Please wait while the server config is retrived”

And a friend told me that i need a mysql server with it.
Well, I dont know a shit about mysql, I downloaded mysql workbench and made a new mysql server, Added the nexus.sql file and executed
Then i left it on and lunched garrys mod
“Create Multiplayer”
With nexus.

And it still shows the same message : “Please wait while the server config is retrived”…

What do i need to do to make it work so i can test my scheme ? )":…

Isn’t there already a simular thread?

Are you sure you configured the mysql database correctly? Did you even try doing it again?

Download XAMP, you need to create the database for it to use and then hook it up to the gamemode.

Ive downloaded xamp lite
The other xamp mirrors doesnt works :o ,Is it fine?
By the way,

I made my user :admin
and pass :admin.

Ive placed that info in :Garrysmod\data
exus\mysql.cfg :

// This is the MySQL configuration file for the nexus framework.
// Simply edit the values below and stick to the format of the example.
force mysql_characters_table = characters;
force mysql_players_table = players;
force mysql_username = admin;
force mysql_password = admin;
force mysql_database = localhost;
force mysql_host = localhost;


Allright allright lets start agein…
Im lunching “Mysql workbench”, How do i make a mysql server that fits nexus?

Unless the database you use for this is called localhost then i suggest changing that.
Also you need to put the exact same information in at data/nexus/mysql.cfg and gamemodes/nexus/core/config/sv_config.lua

Simple as that.
Do that and it should work.

Im not sure about your version of XAMP though.
If it doesnt work then reinstall it with this one.


Do i HAVE to use xampp?

You can also use 000webhost

Okay, So theese are the instructions from the beggining> Getting in to mysql workbench , “New server instance” ,Following the instructions, Getting in to the “Sql editor” , “Open Recent” >> “nexus.sql”, Execute, Refresh , Editing the nexus sql in the “Data” Directory , Editing the “sv_config” , Lunching the sql server , Lunching the game , Create Multiplayer server with the nexus gamemod…

Thats what i did, Theres something wrong in it?

Now, are you using 000webhost or XAMPP?
I need to know stuff like this.

No :o… I dont know what to do with it…

What MySQL are you using?

Workbench 5.2 CE


If you want theese stuff detaild so ,Workbench 5.2 CE , I have xampp lite …(Only mirror that works )
Nexus gamemod , Nevus two scheme, Everytime i try to lunch the gamemod it shows

Please Wait while the server config is retrived. (For years)

All i did from the start to the end ,Super detaild, Ive placed the nexus gamemod and scheme in the gamemod directory, Installed mysql workbench 5.2 CE, Pressed on “New server instance” , Followed its instructions , Then went to the SQL Editor , Made a new scheme called “Nexus” , Open recent > nexus.sql , Execute, Refresh , It saved itself in the sql scheme “Nexus”… , Went to the server status ,It said "Running " In green , I went to the mysql.cfg file in the data/nexus folder and changed the info, I coppyed the info from the mysql.cfg to the sv_config.cfg file which lies in the gamemod
exus directory, Went to garrysmod , Create Multiplayer , Choosed nexus gamemod and lunched…


More pics:

Alright seems working.
Double check your mysql.cfg and sv_config
I know thats the problem
The database line should be Nexus

I have this exact same problem, and i’ve done everything that is written above in this topic. Information should be correct and i’ve made many tries, still it leaves the gamemode saying “error. Check SQL database file…”

I wouldn’t say that XAMPP is the best thing to use, But it’s the most recommended ones in my book, I’ve used it every time, and somehow figured out how to do it. Hah.

The last post is from 2010, what are you doing?