Nexus HL2RP AutoFrequency for CP/OTA/Administrator

Title says it all, I’m looking for a little code piece or such that will automatically place the CP/OTA/administrator’s radio to a certain Freq. Can anyone tell me how? And I will provide the lua if I need to.

Why don’t you pay. also it sets the radio to last used freq.

Are you telling him he has to pay to get help? Fuck off.
@OP Post the function to adjust a player’s radio frequency and the TEAM_ enumerations of the teams you want to set it to.

Thank you Lexic, and thank you for your statement.

He’s using a stolen game mode people pay for.

Sorry for the bump but Axiom, its illegal for the gamemode to be sold in the first place. But not only that, it was at one time a release so how about you (And i mean this in a civilized manner) fuck off.