Nexus -> Holster/Unholster & Atmosphere Effects

Hello, i got some problems with my Serverance server, when the weapon/hands/keys are holstered, you can still see the weapon/hands, its really annoying, how do i fix this?

Also how do i remove the Atmosphere Effects in Serverance?

This probably isn’t the answer you’re looking for but…

Kurozael stopped work on the free version of Nexus because he’s no longer keeping up with it. So unless you’re extremely talented with lua I would pick something more kept up with, and more simplistic.

Not trying to insult you, but you’re just asking for trouble when running a no longer supported gamemode. All that and you don’t understand how it works.

But i heard that this problems shold be easy to fix.

Can you post up some code snippets of where the problem is probably. I would start with the holstering code.