Nexus Moments #1

This is madman’s comic

Thus this is the respond, after it.

Oh god nexus you are such a mean person.

Hahahaha… ha… Wait, you got more people to whack? :tinfoil:

Nexus is mean, But you didn’t yell “RACIST” when you hit him with the plank.

Heh, and you said I was the mean one Nexus. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, awesome, also I’m glad you’re still making comics, Nexus!

Man it’s been a while, seriously long time. How ya been?


But you still are!! D:

i don’t want to be next but still have a fun wacking time :v:

You sure like sticks ._. In some way.


In the eyes of nexus, everyone is mean.

Haha. Not sure why, but I laught when Bloo got hit with the stick.

Am I crazy now? >__>

I’m probably next.

Scien- Bloo gets beaten to death with a stick

Gets da’ fuck outta here

You ain’t gotta go home but get the FUCK outta here.

The punchline would be funnier if you suffocated him with a sausage.

I’ve noticed that many of madmanmad’s comics of late have had at least one frame with the token cockeyed expression ever since Those!

Overused as it is, it still makes me laugh every time.

Haha, Nexus got a people-to-whack-list

Nexus one might say you are a … mad man!

Nice stick work.