nexus - Skeleton

:siren: You need the Nexus roleplaying framework found in the thread below! :siren:

:siren: You -are- allowed to run this schema on your server, modify it to create a new schema or learn from it! :siren:

Author: kuropixel
Version: 1.0
Contact: kuropixel [at]

Skeleton is a quick whip-up of an education base for the Nexus framework. Take a look at it for educational purposes, it is really simple and over-commented. I couldn’t document every possible feature in Nexus but I feel that Skeleton certainly highlights some of the most important things for new developers. I’m hoping fans/users/developers of Nexus will make some kind of wiki for all it’s functions and possible uses of it.

Good luck learning.

[ul]You are not allowed to make profit from this schema.[/ul]
[ul]Any credit to kuropixel and/or the communities references in the script must not be removed.[/ul]
[ul]Do not approach me for support, the reason I am releasing this is that I don’t have time to support it anymore.[/ul]

The script license.

Skeleton and its content.

Awesome, this is just what I needed! Your the best Kuro!


Could you explain a little what this Skeleton scheme is or is it completely and purely for educational use (and shouldn’t be used on servers).

Basically an empty Skeleton in which you can turn into anything.

Basicly its a stripped down scheme for Nexus with lots of notes to help you build it into something new.

Making any schema you want possible, really.

Not really, Necessary speaking this limits you to what’s included in the framework(base).

It’s an empty schema to show you where everything goes and stuff, allowing you to gain the knowledge to create any schema you want using both functions from the nexus framework and GMod’s default Lua libraries.

Then you add what you want into the base?

I’m going to try to ask my biggest question of them all again, I have never used schematics etc using frameworks so I have no idea how to make framework+gamemode (skeleton,severence,novus two etc) work together. As in where do i put the “gamemode” files and how “connect” them to the framework?

Also the sv_default and sv_gamemode thingy… Thanks in advance.

Lol, I think I’m going to make a video tutorial for noobs.

Put Nexus in the gamemodes directory, then get a mount/schema and put it in the gamemodes directory, then set the default gamemode to the schema you want to use. If you want to use severance, then sv_defaultgamemode “severance” etc. The nexus folder doesn’t need to be touched at all.

So like this?


srcds.exe -console -game garrysmod -port 27015 +maxplayers 5 +map rp_c18_v1 +sv_gamemode nexus +sv_defaultgamemode severance

No nub nub.

srcds.exe -console -game garrysmod -port 27015 +maxplayers 5 +map rp_c18_v1 **+sv_gamemode severance** **+sv_defaultgamemode severance**

Oh and btw, Severance is a Zombie Apocalypse. Don’t think C18 would be a good map for that…

Aftermath your help is really appreciated, your nub trash talk is not. I’m well ware of my lack of knowledge on this subject.

Then my question is, how does severance “load”/tie" Connect? To nexus without nexus being defined in the console line.

And don’t worry about the severance map problem. I’m planning to use the skeleton gamemode.

I am going to make a complete video tutorial on building from the skeleton gamemode.

Look at gamemode/init.lua and cl_init.lua


Severance derives from nexus using DeriveGamemode(“nexus”) in Severance’s init and cl_init.lua files.

Edit: beat me to it.

Once you get a idea of how to use Nexus and it’s capabilities, you’ve got one hell of an amazing chance at a gamemode.

Severance is not a standalone gamemode, while Nexus can be. Nexus is just the base that Severance builds upon. All your server needs to know though, is that you want to run Severance. The Lua will take care of the rest, as long as Nexus is in your gamemode directory.