I’m not sure if anyone would have it anymore but…
I’m looking for the Mysql Schema config settings to use for my server
To my knowledge Nexus was free so I asked here.
Who could I ask to get it from?

It’s pretty hard to find a copy of Nexus and it’ll no doubt break forever once GMod 13 comes out, if you want to find the latest versions then you’ll want to check out the official site.

I dont want a new version
I want this server and to get it working
Unless the Cloud16 owners are willing to upgrade the schema I have to work with OA or clock work

Then you’re shit outta luck, pal.

Is there anyway it could be upgraded to OA?

So you found a free Nexus schema and expect to be upgraded to a paid version for no charge? lol.

Nexus is old and broken - purchase OA and pre-purchase Clockwork, or go for an alternative gamemode.

No I expected and plan to pay for it
I have already set aside money for Clockwork
The thing is this Schema works I just want to know how I can get it.

You seem to be very confused.

Nexus is broken and will never work.
Openaura is working but will break soon.
Clockwork is coming out soon and you should buy that if you are looking for a nexus/oa/cw gamemode.

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Assuming you have a working version of nexus, let me ask you, do you know what SQL is?

Structured Query Language
Allows for server set up and saving of items for server even if it resets
Its a database

Nexus still works I don’t know what you guys are referring to as “broken” if you need help with it send me a PM

Until GMod 13 comes out.

And to fix it would be quite the challenge…

Nexus is dated about 5 versions behind… useless!

Really? I got it working fine.

Hi kuro, I got Nexus, BP2, OA, and CitadelScript (What was of course ripped off from your script and then re-done so that you couldn’t start a legal case.)

All working fine. :slight_smile:

Deal with it.


Don’t think that your shit will never be leaked.

What? I’m saying that Nexus will break in GMod 13, do you even read the things I write on this forum? As for thinking my “shit will never get leaked”, I released Nexus for free a long time ago.

Nobody cares.

Deal with it.

God you’re such an idiot( I’m not just saying this, you’re being an idiot by definition). Stop posting here, please. Literally everything you have said doesn’t make any sense, and everyone is just looking at you like you’re a retard.

You’re citadelscript is the same thing as nexus or whatever, it doesn’t matter what it’s named, it’s the code inside you derp.

I can’t just rename a magazine and then say it’s mine when the credits inside clearly say it belongs to PC Gamer or whatever.

I’m not flaming you, you’re just getting really annoying. Your arguments don’t make any sense and you’re just shitting every thread you can find, it’s clear you’re trolling and hiding it to not be banned. If you’re not trolling, then you’re absolutely mentally retarded.

Son, I am disappoint.

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OP, go to the Tiramisu thread and wait for Tiramisu 2.0. Much better than some gamemode that will get broken no matter what. After all Tiramisu is still being worked on so you shouldn’t worry about updates and stuff.