NFO server general help

Hi everyone, I just rented a server with nfo, I need a guide on how to make a ttt server, and how to add maps and add-ons on the server. And custom rules and God mode in sandbox ,how to make admin. Thank you , I am a complete noon with this stuff.

do some googling you fuckwit, everything is documented on the wiki and with a little common sense you can get quite far

To mind you that running stuff like this takes conmen sense and if you are having trouble with nfo servers you could probably make a ticket plus Google is your best friend when it comes to things like this. You should have FTP right if not get it here FTP Client(FileZila). Now get you connection info from you nfo control panel and type it into the filezila, connect to it and go into the garrysmod folder. To add maps drag and drop the maps from your computer to the filezila map folder. To Enable TTT, you go to you config or cfg folder and open autoexec.cfg and add this line of code to it

gamemode "terrortown"

or i think you can go into nfo control panel and edit the CMD line changer.

You can contact support for any questions you have. They have plenty of guides and fast support. Also Google is your best friend at this point.

lol i asked simple questions and u replied with fuckwit, rudeness can only get so far.

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this is all that i was looking for i didnt know the process. thank you.

Indeed it can, but it gets to the point. Why buy a server if you have no knowledge what-so-ever? Learn how to add a map on LAN for instants. Adding maps is the easiest thing ever and if you don’t know how to do that, then aj is right to call you a fuckwit.

If you sent NFO a ticket instead of posting this, your problem would’ve already been fixed by them…cause its fucking NFO XD