NFOServer Referral

I’m ordering from NFOServers and it’s giving me an option to use someone’s referral code.
So, if you use NFO post your code and I’ll use the first valid one.

This is a friends, use it if you want

While it might not be helpful, I personally tried NFO and ended up with a server that didn’t even appear in steam server list.

Just point of note, it’s my point of view - feel free to disagree.

so people that disagree with your point of view are idiots?

Bad luck…I really love all the features and the support that they gave me, never seen a cons there…

I have had no troubles with NFO until recently. They keep inserting bullshit cvars into my server.cfg which causes my server to lag. Apart from that, they are a good host.

HOWEVER, since I started my community there has always been one thing I regretted, and that was not using a dedicated or virtual server from the very start. I highly recommend people use dedicated servers over game servers.

I’m using an 8-core VDS and I encourage everyone else to go with 4-8 core. The support is fantastic if you’re kind or impatient. The plans come with free web-hosting that you can use for your loading screens, FastDL, and Websites. NFO has the whole package you need to run decent servers.

Thanks for the heads up. I was looking into buying a VDS from them pretty soon.

No, no, no.
Sorry, I just didn’t really think this throught.

I am quite sceptical if it comes to buying servers from companies like NFO, gtsservers and villayer, I’ve heard so many bad things about them and personally had issues with them aswell, it’s just my view.

The Steam master server starts cutting off servers that are located a fair distance away from you (among other mysterious factors we’re not really certain about). Sounds like an issue on that front, not NFO’s.

Might be because the servers are located in us and not in Poland!

The server was located in UK and I had about 20-40 pings.

what was the average of those 20-40 pings?

30 :v: