NFOServers or Xenon Servers?

Ok, so I am running a Garry’s Mod server through NFO, and at about 10 players (out of 20) it begins to lag.
We are on a small map, and we have few plugins/addons.
And with my server becoming popular (We have been at 20/20 the past few days), I need to do something about the lag!

Should I switch to Xenon? My friends that have Xenon servers say they are great, but some people say otherwise.

Thanks in advanced, Koolzkid!

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There’s so many of these threads, like 5 a week or something. Anyways, don’t go with Xenon. They’re prone to overfill their boxes to the amount that it goes pretty much unplayable.


also take it up with NFO on why your server is lagging. Also what gamemode are you running and what are the 10 people doing when it starts to lag?

nfo is pretty good, if you’re running sandbox you’ll have to count with lag. You could try though.

Well, im running DarkRP, and the players are usually just roleplaying. I raised the issue with NFO, and they said its because of my addons, yet the server is new, and has very few addons.

Which addons do you have installed?

ATM Banker, NLR Box, ULX, Stacker, Easy Precision, Keypads, Fading Doors, and of course, wiremod.

Don’t go to Xenon they are horrible. GForce Servers is really good. I have a server with them and it never lags and the support staff is really good. They have free trials if you want to try them out.

I’ve hosted off of both in my time. I am currently running with NFOServers and they are a really great company. They have fast support, easy control panels and can easily help you with the problems you are having. On the other hand Xenon servers has had many issues in loosing money, very poor customer support, and it is harder to find things that are needed. I really support the use of Nfoservers. Stick with NFO and possibly work with the higher CPU which is only like 3 extra dollars a month and it should help with the lag.

<— NFO Fanboy.

well that doesn’t help unless you say why

Network protection built in at no extra cost. While there network power isn’t outstanding the guys blocking the most common script kiddy hits know what there doing.

NFO are really good IMO. We used to have two servers, one with XFactor and one with NFO.

Xfactor servers - Any gamemode other than sandbox would crash.

NFO servers - worked perfectly.

I’m probably being biased just because XFactor was so shit, but I would recommend NFO.

Xenon servers are just…Pathetic. I would recommend UKGame or Nitrous Networks.

Am I really gonna be the first to recommend getting a dedicated box if your community’s really becoming more populare?

To be honest, I’d recommend Daemon Servers, I’ve been with them for a while and they’ve got excellent support, not to mention great pings.

We have a thread like this every month
I personally like but between the two, go NFOServers

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I was with NFO Servers for 5 months with zero problems and no downtime. Excellent ping(s), good support, great hardware, solid network.

I have to admit, NFO is good, I’m getting a ping of roughly 90 on my (temporarily) sandbox server. I’m in the UK and they’re all spamming torpedoes.

No, the VDS from NFO is the best purchase for small or large communities.

I’m still saying there’s 4GB VPS’es available (even with anti-ddos) at reasonable resellers for $25’ish a month, which would do a 20/20 slot almost easy.