NFOServers Virtual Dedicated Server Help?

Are thse capable of running a garry’s mod server and how many players?

They are capable of running around 3 server or more(I don’t really know). But you could easily get better vps for less money.

I’ve been wanting to buy a decent VPS too, any good suggestions for an American east coast server?

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And yes those could easily run multiple good servers depending on which you buy.

I rent a 4 Core VPS from NFO, It can run atleast 4-5 30-50 slot Gmod server perfectly fine.

I Currently run 2 GMod servers (50 Slots Each), 2 BF3 Servers and 2 Arma3 Servers. and I barely go past 50% CPU Usage.

Then I guess you have “Managed hosting”, correct?

Yeah had to if I wanted to run BF3/BF4 Servers.

Yeah it could easily run a ton of them… I know worse servers that run more. Should be fine.