NFREN - Out of range

Hi, sorry if my english is bad.

I’ve set the game resolution to a too high resolution, my graphic card don’t support this.
So when I launch Garry’s mod, my screen become black and a message appears : NFREN Out of range.
I’ve tried to remove the config folder, but it doesn’t works, so I can’t play ! :frowning:

Please help me ! Thanks.

That would be a problem that happens because of steam cloud. Removing config folder does nothing because the Cloud just redownloads it. I think you have to disable syncing with steam cloud from the game properties then delete config folder. If that doesn’t work you might have to contact steam support and have them clear your Steam Cloud for Garry’s Mod.

If you want to tell me your native language, I could run this through an internet translator so it is easier to read for you.