[NG] Semi-Serious DarkRP Server

Following on from the success of Luke ‘n’ Tom’s Semi-Serious darkRP server, we have decided to make a new server, running evocity

Luke has now left us, and the day to day running of the server has been handed down to me

Server Name : [NG] FastDL||Drugz|PHX|Custom Shipments/Jobs|24/7

Maps : rp_downtown_v2/rp_Evocity_v2d

Addons we use : PcMod2, drugz, PHX 3 , Wire, Connas Pack, + some other little bits and pieces.

Slots : 50

IP :

Gamemode : DarkRP

Site At : darkrp.ukgame.co.uk

The server is run by me, Superdan and NonExistent, we have all had experience running servers before and have a strong community and admin team.

The admin team is made up of 5 Super admins, who manage the rest of the admin team, which is always around 8 in number.

The server is running downtown - where the players online rarely exceeds 30, so don’t worry about overcrowding - but are on with installing NPCs to allow us to sell and stores cars on evocity.

Our old server is currently down, and we are going to get it up and running as soon as evocity is up

We hope to see you playing

Thanks, Tom (:

Old server: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=826045

New Server:

Uploaded a backdoor to this server

What the hell?

of course, thats believable

so many people have tried and failed at this, trust me, noone is gonna get in using a backdoor

hey i need help i was banned for no reason. yesterday i was playign and not doing anything wrong, i try to get on the server today and im banned. my steam nickname is mcbubba

Why was i banned I don’t minge or do anything wrong! I was building a shop yesterday, I try to get on today and i’m banned! please unban me, thats the only downtown server I like! my nick anme is mcbubba if you need my steam ID let me know, just please I want to play on that server! If i did do something, tell me what I did. I know I didn’t do anything wrong!

For some reason I seem to crash every time I play on this server. It’s like I’ll play for 5 minutes but then I start to get connection problems. I doubt it’s my own internet since I don’t get this issue on other servers.

Same with me… and I have Fibre internet.