NGGRP the newest gamemode in the garrysmod community

Current Name: NGGRP - We are still thinking of a better one.

What is this gamemode? (In Character) The world as we know it. Pretty simple, don’t you think? Well not too simple. Choose a diverse class that suits you well. Maybe you want the life of a thief, a hero, or maybe a murderer. That is a small handful of paths you can choose from.

Save up your caps (money) , to purchase much stronger and more powerful weapons. Then, defend yourself from the unknown or the dangerous. Take control or be apart of a family, clan, etc. and build your levels up. Then work together to become stronger, wealthier, and more powerful.

Maybe you like to do things alone? You can do quests or missions to earn yourself some weapons or caps. Maybe you can earn achievements and you can be awarded with a name, since you were the first to get that.

Saving up for the big stuff? That would include mounts, machines, elite weapons, etc. Want to travel much quicker and precise? Mounts is the way to go.

Become a bar keeper, control your very own bar or pub. Maybe you will hear a few rumors. Be a traveler, carry rumors near and far. Merchants, work along the lines of a traveler. Selling stuff in cities for a more expensive price. Or you can crash in the tavern for a night or two.

Enjoy gardening? Well, you can grow your very own plants! From many of the wonderful and delicious choices of Oranges, Tomatoes, Watermelons, Apple Trees, Beans, etc. You can eat them or you can sell those fruits and vegetables for a good sum of cash. But maybe gardening isn’t your thing? You like to kill stuff. Well, instead of gardening you can kill animals and take their meat. You can cook that meat on a fire, stove, etc. or you can sell the meat cooked or raw.

What is your favorite type of weather? Rainy, snowy, sunny, cloudy, well depending on yours, we most likely have it! We have seasons, when it could be snowy for a whole month! On rainy days it would be a good idea to stay inside due to the radiation of the water. The radiation can corrupt your armor, health, and many more life threatening things.

(Out of Character)
With our wonderful team, we are working as good as we can to release this gamemode so that you can play it on our servers. We are working day and night, coders and mappers, to make this as good as we can. We will have a beta testing, probably a closed beta. Then a public beta, then final release. During that closed beta and public beta, you will be given a good sum of caps to find buy things and check them out. After that, the final release will come out and your stuff will be reset. This is a warning so that you do not complain that we didn’t tell you.

We will show updates of our progress for everyone to look at.

Some things in this post may not be released right away. This is the public version so it doesn’t have all of the stuff coming out. We like to keep some stuff a surprise.

Check out our website daily to see what we have that’s new!

Also, got any ideas for a name? Post them here!

… nigger rp?

(User was banned for this post ("Racism" - Nori))

Thinking of a better what?

No thats not the name but we had concern about the name we will change of course but we are more focussed on scripting and mapping at the moment

Hmm best to avoid that… how about Crackascript?

how about a new type of gamemode that becomes popular instead of an old one that people are constantly remaking?
maybe something involving gnomes.

So is this some spur of the moment idea you came up with or do you/someone else that you are working with know how to script RP gamemodes? There’s a reason why barely anyone ever starts from scratch, it’s fucking complex.

I started from scratch, I think you get a much better end product. Its not that much harder then working off a base, and it even is some times easier.

True, I meant complex in the sense of having to have a greater range of knowledge in Lua. It is most definitely easier to use your own base considering it’s your own code.

Well we didn’t want to start from something already like drp so we are creating our own we have currently 13 people some mapping some scripting some tech support for the server

i think that starting from scratch is easier becouse you dont know how other people code. you code your way making it easy for yourself

Doesn’t sound very original… Or fun.