Nia model

I’d really like an Anti-Spiral Nia model.
Not too many references for that one that I could find.

I realize the hair would be the problem. It’s very cloud-like. So if not that, then maybe this one?
Feel free to un-anime-itize her features.

I approve of this, dont know who she is but I approve 100% Heres what I’ll do, I got a buddy who does alot of anime models, I’ll run this by him and see if he is interested, hows that?

anime models don’t like good in source, but its easy to do. im sure some one might be willing to do it

Im not so sure about that, the guy I know does some excelent work, its all a matter of me getting a hold of him.

That would be lovely. (:
And like I said, feel free to make it more realistic. I don’t think I’d be a big fan of her large eyes.
I would love to have the long-haired version, but sadly, I imagine the hair would be really difficult…

Dude…hair is not a problem for this guy.

This is one of his models…her hair has perfect physics. If she moves, her hair moves. The biggest problem for you is if he makes you pay for it.

Why would you even want to pay for that monstrosity?

You dont pay unless its a request, I still cant get a hold of him.