NiandraMOTD: Simple in-game menu!

What is this?
Since I was in need of quick money, I started making a thing for ScriptFodder, called 5 MOTDs for 5 Dollars. In the end, I decided I would only sell 3, scrap one of them and then release the last for free.


It contains all the features my paid MOTDs have including:

  1. Usergroup whitelisting - Don’t want certain groups to see the MOTD when they first initially spawn in? Simply add their Usergroup to a table.
  2. Access via a chat and console command - Both are easy to change.
  3. An extensive config file with clear instructions.
  4. Whether or not it should show up when the client initially connects.
  5. Buttons can either be coloured individually or if it’s enabled, swapped between two colours as shown above.
  6. None of that dumb timer bullshit for when you can press the close button. (seriously who came up with that it’s horrible)

How to use:

  1. Simply installing by dropping NiandraMOTD into your addons folder and restarting.
  2. See lua/autorun/sh_niandramotd_config.lua for server side info, such as what command to use to open it, etc
  3. See lua/auorun/client/cl_niandramotd_config.lua for clientside info, including overall design as well as how to edit/add buttons to the list.

You are not allowed to use this a template for a MOTD you plan to sell, however you may make modifications if you keep the code private or release for free.


I love your work Niandra! I also love the design so much, Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

I’m having trouble with the installation.Can you help me?

Sure, what issues are you having? Type !motd in-game to test, as your usergroup may be in the whitelist table by default

I don’t know what the problem is ,but I know I installed it correctly.I just added it to the addon folder and when I restart my server ,nothing pops up not even when I do the command !motd.

Yeah I’m having the same problem

did you changed
so you arent on the whitelist?

From what I can see, it doesn’t really look like it’s much of a SteamID whitelist. Just server groups like superadmin, admin, owner, and whatever.

Type !motd in-game to test, as your usergroup may be in the whitelist table by default…???
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The info at the bottom look like buttons to me :v:

Digging the design though!

Didn’t think it was worth it’s own thread, but made another; RoagMOTD

Coded by me, design was taken from something Roag15 did. Same features as the rest, etc

looks really cool, You should make a tutorial on graphics like this I would really like that :smiley:

Amazing job! You’ve outdone yourself.

Looks really nice, man

No doubt that when server owners find out about this that it’ll be all over.

Is there an easy way to change the main colors to a different color?

Love the release, if the color is changeable or not I’m still gonna use this just wondering.

Thanks for the free release!

Go into the addon lua/autorun/client/cl_roagmotd_config.lua, there’s various options in there.

This file

this actually looks so sexy!!!

It does. (and it is)

I’m actually making a really simple animated motd and I’ve learned alot from these projects. I’m not trying to copy or anything but I’ve gotten really into derma because of you, Niandra haha.