Nice compiling tool

I found this litle app, its so nice to compile a map at half of the time. I didnt found anything like this here so im giving the links below.

i think the official web is down so here is the mirror.

Its basicaly 2 files, one is the master and other is the worker.
You put a master file on 1 pc, and put some worker files on other pc’s.
workers connect by network to the master, then you add a vmf file to the master.
You can have, for example, 1 master and 4 workers. The master divides the work for the workers.
you can have as much computers as you like. more pc’s, means more processing power. faster map compiles.
You can have a master that is worker at the same time.

valve has something like this but is command line driven. this one has a gui.

Sorry for the spelling, im not english.

ps:. The program makes a virtual steam user so you dont have to have steam on all pc’s. Does this make this Piracy?

So basically its VMPI with a gui? Whats the point?

that’s the word. lol, thanks i didnt remind of what it was. that is command line driven, and this litle program has a General user interface, or GUI.


The point is, its easier for people that is starting making maps (and for noobs) and their pc’s are crap. This makes it faster.

i think there is a thread asking how to make vmpi work. this is the answer.



thanks firegod.

Except it doesn’t work for orangebox VRAD.

thank’s for the tip, i wasn’t aware of that, i only tested with hammer editor, with 2006 engine and hl2dm selected.