Nice roleplaying maps.

I’m tired of the shitty rp_downtown_v2 in every single roleplaying server. This map looks like shit. Same thing with rp_evocity_v2d. That map also looks like shit and the elevator is very glitchy. This thread is a list of maps that you can try out for your server instead of the same rp_downtown_v2 and rp_evocity_v2d. Using a map that barely any other servers play will invite new players to your server, because they’ll think it’ll be cool to try roleplaying on rp_saari or something. Feel free to add your own maps.


My favorite map. It has alot of homes and buildings. It even has a beach with luxury hotels! Nothing bad about this map, except the roads are too small and there are only a few garages \ parking spaces. There also should’ve been a car dealership.


A classic map. Really nice work on the apartments.


A very nice looking map. The island is a bit too small, and the houses are a bit too small too. Otherwise, great work. I wish there would’ve been more ocean area so that I could drive around on my boat without having to circle the island.


Looks very nice and has a highly detailed large amount of forest land to explore.


A classic. Not too fancy.


Probably the best hl2 RP map ever. Nice amount of buildings and there are plenty of hiding spots for rebels.


Not very original, but if you look at the style of the map it is kind of original. It has A LOT of homes and shops, you will always have enough. This map is good for a highly populated server.


It’s not officially v3, but it’s still a good map. I know it’s downtown, but it’s different. It’s downtown taken over by the Combine.


Everything is squeezed together into a small space, but you won’t feel claustraphobic.


Those are alot more fun, trust me.

Yes but people don’t tend join servers with unpopular maps. Owners usually go back to their old maps if they don’t get enough people to make it actually playable.

Hah, yeah, right. My server isn’t avalible to the public, only way to join is by contacting us first. We don’t just let in strangers.

But then again, we have both a custom map/soon custom gamemode, so…

Passworded server doesn’t attract any new players to join to the community. :downs:

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