"Nice shot, 42."

Just posting some content from Jenkins/Slim Charles.**



fucking amazing

[del]You should upload your pictures in more places; I want to see more of your awesome shit.[/del]

Wait, shit.

If you mean Jenkins/Slim Charles, he posts here and on Deviant Art but he’s banned currently so I’m posting for him. As for me I’m the same.

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Updated OP with a link to his DeviantArt, definitely worth a look.

Holy shit, those stormtroopers are as pretty as this pic.


I dunno. I’m not feeling it with this one.
It’s still good though.

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I think it’s the video overlay and CA that’s throwing me off. Something more retro-futuristic might have worked. Somewhere between Terminator and a GoPro. As is, it just looks to modern. Looks more like a Star Wars larp that got out of hand.

This one is by far my favorite of your gallery, and imo it’s just standing above all your other works which are great, but no where near this (again imo).

Good job.

To be fair Joazzz edited that one.

I’m not a fan of the scan lines. Also strange setting for a Star Wars pose.

wow, this looks great

it’s not just the edits :wink:

we don’t use those smileys here

here’s the original for comparison


Storm-troopers can hit something?

how’s it feel like to viciously beat a horse thats been decomposing for the last three decades

Been a while since I’ve enjoyed a “guys with guns” pose.
I love this.

Viciously? It didn’t take that much effort to beat the rotting horse, sure I may have used an extraordinary amount of force smashing its rib-cage into pieces, but it didn’t take THAT much effort.


Updated OP with non-scanlines version.