Nick adapting to the zombie apocolypse.

Yeah, so I dunno… I had no idea what I was gonna pose before I was done posing, still not sure what exactly it is, but it seems he has adapted so yeah.

Please C&C! :slight_smile:

the smoke on the muzzle is too soft imo

Do not want

What do you mean?

Fingerposing on the katana looks strange, there’s too much space between his fingers

Magical indoor fog on the ground is weird aswell

Pretty nice, but the smoke looks a little soft as Demonskul mentioned.

I don’t like the tracer for some reason. And Nick’s faceposing looks, for lack of a better word, ‘snobbish’. Everything else is fine.

It’s a silencer, people. The smoke is supposed to look soft.

“Dat Ass”?

Good posing.

albeit a little more dispersed

Sprechen sie Deutsch? :slight_smile:

i really hate that Simple DoF

That’s not dof, it’s ps blur

Seriously… Those pockets! WHERE!

please dont blur and just use Anti alliasing

I’m not quite sure what exactly you mean, but I know that the blur looks like shit in this pic.
I didn’t isolate it well enough :frowning:

Oh, look… Cola. It can’t get better than this.

Motion blur would be cool for that zombie and gun.

No, he was speaking perfectly clear english, what are you implying? That anyone that uses the word ‘albeit’ is somehow of German origin?

Ich hasse Leute, die eine andere Sprache.


Oh and nick is squinting for some reason.