Nick and Ellis Corners Zoey

Something new I wanna try out. C&C are appreciated.

The models are odd, and I see a messed up shadow. Zoey doesnt look scared and the faces are goofy. It’s not bad, though.

This isn’t that great.

Nick’s shadow is almost entirely non-existent,
Zoey’s face doesn’t have much expression (in the first frame)
and her eyes aren’t really focussed anywhere.
One of Ellis’ eyes is a bit odd.
Also he his legs in the second frame are a little too forward.

That’s about all I can see problem-wise, otherwise I like the use of the film-grain.

You also get credit for making Nick look absolutely demonic. :aaa:
Can someone make an avatar out of (bottom-left frame) Nick’s head?

Sorry if it’s bad, it’s made from my iPod Touch Photoshop app.

I don’t know what’s wrong with that, probably a bug or something,I dunno(me thinks),
About Zoey’s eyes,I think I forgotten that, And maybe it’s the distance the reason you can’t see her expression but I solved that in the last panel.
That’s because that “Ellis Model” is supposed to be like that.One of his retina appears to be white.The name is Hard-Boiled Ellis.
About his legs, I think that was my fault.

And I really should thank KariMatrix for that skin.

Contrast and Nick’s shadow really look strange.
But I like Eillis psoing.

Nicks shadow is messed up. Ellis’s face in the first picture seem to be missing a part.

Still, I like the mood and the second one is not that bad.


i don’t like it

Well, I would expect rape to be common in a post-apocalyptic world.

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I really had no idea what was that too. I tried everything but nothing works. Probably a bug or glitch but whatever it is,I dunno.

I can’t really tell but is it Nick’s shadow? (just the head)

posting like this

Nick is half… vampire? :v:

Isn’t that mirrors? Not shadows?

Who cares? Its all light bouncing around.

I expected a rape, not murder pose.

Well, they were bound to snap.