Nick and Ellis' Last Stand

I know it doesn’t really need a topic, but I would like some C&C.


Lighting and posing are superb.

Zoey was like: “If you can’t beat’em join’em. Rawr!”

She looks silly.

But everything else is good.

I love everything, the fire could use some work though. The glow of their eyes are a bit over done, but still very nice.

Yes please you guys look tired take a seat

I don’t like the eyes or some of the zombie arm posing

That is all

some of the zombies could be leaning foward abit, and arm posing as said

otherwise its ok

lol are there a lightbulbs in their heads?

I mean,this Zoey’s lighting eyes are ridiculous

It’s pretty empty, and camera angle isn’t dramatic at all.

Posing and lighting is good tho.