Nick and Rochelle in the cutting edge.

Trying my hands on some real editing. Still an amateur though.

“Watch where you swings at me! Just kidding, thanks!”

Nick looks as if he’s surprised about how much blood there is…

The idea is that Rochelle is trying to cover her face from the blood splatter. Nick is just full a adrenaline:)

smoke is too opaque, blood is too solid looking, lacks depth and is too bright. it should be a very dark shade of red, almost black.

Noted. Thanks for the advice.

And don’t forget to edit the lighting. It looks too bland.

Everything Stea1th said.
But i must say the posing is nice and the motion blur on the machete is spot on!

R. looks a bit like she’s taking it from behind more than trying to not get blood on her.
Blood splatter looks awesome though, and his face looks like jack black in the final scene, “DECAPITATION!!!”

What happened to Rochelle’s eyes

They are closed. It did look a bit weird from that angle.

I love how Nick is like ‘WAAAAAAAGH!’ and Rochelle is just ‘THANKS FOR GETTING BLOOD ALL OVER ME YOU JERK.’ My only advice is don’t get so close for the shot, and try using motion blur on the blood next time - it’s hard as hell to get believable blood in Photoshop (especially using brushes), but this isn’t bad. Nice work.

Thanks. I used Gimp actually for the edit. I shouldn’t have used gaussian blur on the blood. Motion blur next time.

I think it looks awesome the way it is.