Nick Before infection. Sin city test, Muzzflash test, Blood test

Badass Nick

this is just a test.

What do you like?

Bad faceposing, muzzleflash looks overall horrible.

the colours look horrible

It’s a giant meld of shit in my opinion.

The hat doesn’t look right.

The glasses don’t fit.
The Face posing is stupid
The Blood and muzzleflash are poorly done.
^ They don’t belong there from how colourful they are and how dull is the rest.

It’s bad. Posing is stiff and awkward. Your effects are randomly blurred and look poorly made In general. Face posing is laughable (not in a good way). And every time you post a screenshot people keep telling you to turn AA on, but you never do. And your “Sin City art style” looks out of place and isn’t done well; which gives me an idea :ninja:

Please, next time you choose to make a pose, remember to actually to take C&C into consideration.

Yeah i Turn my AA next time thanks for info

It’s a male Lara Croft. Without the sexy.

True badasses don’t scream while shooting.

Beg to differ.

That’s Picard, the most awsome man alive… to me.

nick is gambler. isn’t he

Picard gunning down Borgs, with an M1928 Thompson, in a party???

I’m buying the letters W, T and F and a bag of question marks.

Also, technically he screamed after he had stopped shooting.

It’s Mr. Burke!

W0oT tHesE MuzZzlEFlAsheS ArE KOOL, KaNT u SEe ITs ShOOtEN ESPlOsIONs?

Seriously, it is hardly raped.

Yes, these weapons are cool these days :smiley:

Back to the drawing board. This isn’t working.

yeah dude. next time i make some Hot dogs :confused:

I am sorry, editing is not for you.

Juraj you have right im not good edit gmod pictures. but i will try to make a picture people like. but it is good to have these kinds of comments so I know what I should do next time. but I’ll try


He looks like a wannabe badass