Nick being pursued by Nevada State Troopers

What happens in Vegas…**

…Follows your ass to the Mexican Border


The smoke looks a little horrid on the cars, and the shadows look too blobby, but it’s still good.


Yeah, but fortunately I kept the original .pdn file, so I can redo it at another time.

The smoke makes the cars look like they are going backwards.

Huh, I didn’t think about that…

Erm, I mean, Yeah, totally, I meant to do that.

the burning is waaaayyy to heavy and the smoke looks pasted on and just duplicated.
that’s all

The sand looks really uniform, but I know that’s a mapping problem not yours.

I didn’t use burn, and for the dust I actually did use a meticulous (but ultimately useless) process to make it, I didn’t just paste it on.

The shadows look bad underneath the cars.

“I’ve never missed a plane yet!”

well, i said it looks pasted, i didn’t say you actually did it.
also your shading is heavy then, instead of burning

Eli giving the finger made my day/night :smile:

Yeah, I’m gonna switch to using GIMP instead of Paint.NET