Nick & Ellis, "The Badasses"

THIS IS NOT a movie, comic or something else, itโ€™s just a poster :smiley:

I practise to do posters, this is my first try :smiley:
Rate & Comment please.


Bad isolation, bad graphics.

The AA on the pic looks bad.

Get rid of the green rim stripes. They ruin the picture. And as Santz says. AA could be better.
Other than that this is quite a cool looking pic.

Ps! Machinima is animation.

I simply would like to learn your opinion.
I will correct my mistakes in following works

That is what the screenshoot section is for:)

Oh I forgot. A plus for choice of font on the poster. Very effective.

Coming to theaters near you, 12|12|12
Because the amount of evil they will slay will be twice as much as you can handle.
Except for the green lines, I love it.

Yeah the isolation is pretty bad. Can see the green-screen quite obviously. When magic-wanding those guys, use โ€œgrowโ€ and set it to a pixel or two.

Thanks, guys.

I see green screen effect. But picture is nice.

The isolation is really wierd.

Should be nick & bill.