Nick Fightin' Coach.

Nick is losin’ cuz he a lil bitch.
I need to fart out a pose. Hopefully I can get back to work.

Fingerposing this was tough.

What’s the argument?

Nice posing. Nick should look more angry though. His lip is going to hurt in the morning.


But of course. I should have known:mmmhmm:

Posing seems a bit off on Nick’s right wrist. Others seems fine.


Nick’ll win, Coach has a handicap and nick has rings.


Nah, Uncle Phil will throw him out of the door, ‘Jazz style’.

Nick’s a conman, he’s fought tougher people than Coach. Anyway, nice pose. Can’t think of how to expand on that, really.

Meh, it’s alright.

Coach needs to dish out some assrape

I think it was about him saying maybe the helicopter is made out of chocolate. Great posing, Great editing !Artistic’d!

This is the “honest black man against the untrustworthy white dude” scenario. If this was a hollywood movie, a homeless 8 year old boy would be in trouble and they would have to work together to save him, thus becoming friends.

Or at least there is a 90% chance for a similar ending.

He equip brass knuckle! He is coward.

yes this dude is right

Nick’s expression should either be angry, or desperate. Right now, it’s a mixture of both.

Fight Box

To think the rings on Nick would take Coach out.