Nick fighting against a CEDA Officer.

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Note to self : this move works IRL, did it to a friend almost a week ago. :v:

Link to that model.


Either it’s not posed very well or your friend is a pussy… there is no strain on any part of the body there. All he’s doing is pushing on the chest and putting some weight on the forearm. There’s no contrary pressure or joint pressure. I don’t get it.

But for the reskin, you’ll have to wait for me to finish it. (well, starting it, since I didn’t do much for now)

well of course it works. it’s the most basic throw out there. You can find all sorts of variants of it in Judo, Karate and Jiujitsu.

Ooooooh it’s a throw.

Lol throws.

Hard to explain how, so I made a drawing :


Oh you Derive…

A+ artwork, right there.



I’m a little worried about that CEDA officer’s neck…

It is dark.

Good pose, good reskin. It looks more like Nick is just pushing him, that isn’t much of a fight.

I want that nick model D:

Oooh, Mirror’s Edge content!