Nick fights his inner demon...


Unedited Version:
Please C&C my friends :monar:

Really like the map choice. Good finger posing. One thing though. The in game flames in the back looks slightly
worse on the edited version.

Looks crazy, I like it.

I must use my 1,001 post for this :buddy:
** " I love Katie Holmes! WRAAAAAAGGGGTRRRHRHAHHSDGIAUG1112! " **
post 1,002 will actually be something productive…

Nice, I expected something dirty though.

I’m expecting a kiss on the next frame.

And then they both made out and had gay sex, THE END.

what map is that

Nice work on the posing just something bugs me about devil Nick’s faceposing.
I was expecting a chess match.

Why bump a 2 week old thread. :byodood:

cause i want the map dumbass

Youre the dumbass.
Dont bump old threads. Just PM the creator.

Also “hey I don’t care about your pose, give me the map so I can make stupid and horrible pictures out of it”.
Fuck off fisherath, please.

Nice one tough guy,plus i havent uploaded any pictures on here. Damn grow up

This man has no dick.

Haha awesome vid

I misread the thread title as ‘Nick fights his dinner’
Damn i was dissapointed, I wanted to see him fight dinner :saddowns:

Did somebody say…

I don’t know why, but it reminded me of an issue of Preacher(those of you who’ve read it may know which I’m referring to).

Nice video, Necro. I don’t remember that part in Ghostbusters, was it a n outtake?