Nick gets "tired"

random bonus:

Your ideas are always A++. :buddy:

Haha the second picture.

The second one reminds me of a comic.

The second picture is the shit :stuck_out_tongue:


omg, coach at the bonus

He ate the boomer from the inside out

Although I get the joke, you did spell tyre wrong.
I know it’s the joke, but you say “tired” and there’s a tyre on him.

It’s also spelled tire.

Really? I’ve only ever seen it spelled tyre.

Misleading title got me! Great pics man, they made me lol!

You are boring Bubz :smiley:

Tyre (automotive), the outer part of a wheel in British English (equivalent to tire in American English)

Copy and Pasted.


You killed the joke, If he said Nick gets “tyred” It sounds gay, Its Tired, and Firefox tells me how to spell Tired right.

I laughed at the comic more then the picture. sorry.